Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Greetings From Puerto Vallarta, Mexico...

Greetings from this place:
The Malecon at Puerto Vallarta...

Now, obviously, there's unlikely much in the way of audio equipment or audio discussion to engage in from here. However I wanted to show some pictures of what I have noticed in terms of hardware available at all the local electronics stores (dropped into a handful while shopping with the family, wandering the city)... A bit of a cultural experience for audio lovers I suppose.

As you can see, they build them big, bold, and "beautiful" around here! Notice the "technological" styling with sharp edges - not sure if that look is modern or retro. They're made to stand out, project some kind of statement. Clearly the antithesis of stylish "furniture" in the eyes of most Westerners I suspect when situated in the living room or family space.

Also, I have noticed that extremely over-stated wattage and specs must still work around here:

Check that out - 17600W "PMPO" and 1600W "RMS" on the advertisement material on top of the amp unit. I guess this line of advertisement still works around here.

And there are quite a few of these kinds of "boomboxes" here:

Given the size and separate speakers, they're clearly not meant to be portable. Primarily Asian brands like LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony... We have these brands in most of the world of course but I can't remember seeing things that look like this! Plastic fascia gone monstrous :-). Sure, I've seen this kind of styling over the years but this really takes it overboard.

Granted, I have not had an opportunity to test drive these babies... Who knows, maybe they sound great and measure well :-).

Hope everyone's enjoying a good Spring Break / Easter season...


  1. Hi, good to see you're enjoying some beautiful sunshine!

    Unfortunately that kind of system is predominant not only in Mexico, but all Latin America. Around here you'll only find something good/better via international dealers. Otherwise you will only get these overpriced boom boxes with false adversiting (how much i hate that PMPO watt!!).

    Enjoy that sunshine!!

    1. Hi VK. Thanks for the note! Yes, loving the beautiful sunshine... I also love the temperature - mid-20's is just so comfortable this time of the year.

  2. We were in PV about 2 months ago. Please let me know if you would like some great restaurant recommendations? Where are you staying?

    1. I'm doing an all-inclusive at the Plaza Pelicanos just north of the town. At least walking distance to downtown, and food is good... But the WiFi is hit or miss unfortunately. It took me ages to upload those down-sized pictures in the post!

      Thanks for the offer of recommendations. Alas, I will be leaving tomorrow so unlikely I'd be able to act on any suggestions although I can check out a "must visit" next time I'm in town :-). In the last 10 years, I've been in Mexico 7 times so it's not unlikely that I'll be back at some point whether for pleasure or work-related meetings...