Sunday, 13 May 2012


Welcome everyone to my first foray into the Blogosphere...

In these pages, I hope to share a few thoughts into topics I'm passionate about which will be revealed and which I'm sure will evolve in time. Along the way I hope to do a few things like get folks involved in surveys and "tests"...  Stay tuned...  I feel an idea coming up :-)


  1. I did the test rather quickly on a MacBook Pro with a set headphones and basic iTunes. I didn't hear a difference in this setup.

  2. Thanks GoldenEar - make sure you fill out the survey! Very important!

  3. I appreciate you conducting this test, I've only been planning but didn't actually do it.

  4. Could you please give information on the setup/software you use to test jitter? I would like to conduct some jitter tests myself.

    I can't find the program your using or an email address for you.


    1. Hello Simon. Jitter measures are surprisingly straight forward!

      Go here:
      Get the Dunn jitter .exe to create the WAV file for either 24-bit or 16-bit tests.

      Go here:
      and grab WaveSpectra which I use to perform the FFT in realtime.

      Go into settings in WaveSpectra and choose 131072 points under the FFT tab (this is the max), and I also use Blackman-Harris for the windowing function.

      Now play the Dunn jitter track into your analysis hardware and watch the waveform analysis in WaveSpectra... Of course the resolution of your measurement will be dependent on the device used but even with my humble E-MU 0404USB, it's good enough for at least gear comparisons.

      Happy sideband hunting.

  5. Archimago,

    Many thanks for the information. I have a E-MU 0404 PCI so hopefully can get similar measurements to yourself.