Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Getting There... (Early HT Room Setup)

Back from my overseas business trip late last week. It's going to be really busy since I'll be moving to the new house in 1 week. Massive amounts to pack up!

Nonetheless, I didn't want the movers to be involved with the audio system so over the weekend I moved all the components and put together the stereo setup in the home theater room to just have a little "taste". Here she is... (Unfortunately the image is a bit grainy. Resorted to the old Nikon D70 as my D800 developed some autofocus issues and needed repairs.)

Hmmm. Looks like I need to straightening the power/cable/ethernet outlet at the back there...

Room size is decent: 20' x 15' x 8'. The TV is a 55" LG 55LW5600 mounted on a strong wall mount - I might go for a 70" in the future. Components:

- SONY SCD-CE775 SACD/CDP I bought back in 2001
- Emotiva XSP-1 pre-amp
- 2x Emotiva XPA-1L monoblocks connected to XSP-1 with Monoprice XLRs - 35W Class-A bias, max 250W Class A/B
- Paradigm Signature SUB 1 subwoofer crossed over at 50Hz
- Cables: 4' 12G OFC Monoprice zip cord speaker cables, Radio Shack 3' RCA from CDP to preamp, stock power cables

I still don't have the sofa sectional in the room and room treatments, nor have I set up the SUB 1's programmable subwoofer room correction yet with PBK-1. Despite the bare room reflections, it sounds pretty decent still... Played my old Kind Of Blue SACD, Diana Krall's When I Look In Your Eyes, and Beck's Sea Change tonight. Really liking the subwoofer's punch on the Beck SACD. I'm an advocate for a good subwoofer... Good frequency response down to 20Hz is essential for hi-fidelity IMO.

Chat later... More boxes to pack tonight :-(.


  1. Great to see you back online! Exciting to "see" your new place - will be interesting to read about your setup - lots of opportunities to talk about acoustics, room measurements, DSP (if desired), etc. Always enjoy your posts.

  2. Thanks for the note!

    Yup, lots to think about and do... It also makes the endeavour more idiosyncratic as well :-)

    Hey if anyone has any tips on what they use for DSP, room correction - "I'm all ears"! For now, I think I'll focus on getting good bass integration with the Paradigm PBK-1 system. May give the Audyssey calibrations a try as well.

    Anyone with tips on acoustic treatments like places to buy absorbers, bass traps, etc?

  3. OOOooooh, I have been very pleased with what Audyssey XT has done in my room. I prefer music with. However I think you should have a look at the DSPeaker Antimode for your sub. Audessy kinda does the same thing, but if you are not planning to use the Onkyo for music, definatly look at the Antimode.

  4. Aloha Archimago, having tried several DSP room correction packages over the past 3 years, Acourate rates the top for me. I wrote a "how to" guide which I hope you don't mind me posting here:

    Acourate Digital Room and Loudspeaker Correction Software Walkthrough

    Wrt acoustic treatments, short supply in Canada. However, I found ATS Acoustics to offer good quality products for a fair price. Shipping to Canada is a bit pricey, but still less than buying (expensive) product product in Canada, if you can find any.

    I am still on the Sunshine Coast, if you are ever this way, drop me a line and come hear the rig!

    Cheers, Mitch

  5. Hi Archimago, love your blog!
    I use REW for my measurements. Then with it i create filters, which i load into foobar using convolver.
    Room treatments are DIY by means of rockwool.
    Oh, and multiple subs (only 2, nothing too fancy) have helped, ala Geddes.
    Best of luck, looking forward to seeing you set up your room.
    Kind regards, Hank