Thursday 12 June 2014

REMINDER: 1 Week Left (24-bit vs. 16-bit blind test)

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Thought I'd just put up a little reminder that I'll be closing the blind test on June 20th - approximately 1 week from now. At this point, we're up to 120 responses on the survey (muchas gracias).

Although there are always limits to test methodology, and I certainly do not pretend that all variables have been controlled for, (indeed, it is impossible in cases like this where it's being done "remotely" over the internet!) I do believe this is a valuable test for the audiophile community. It's an opportunity to expose one's expectations (yes - 24-bits provide 16 million "levels" vs. the paltry 65536 "levels" of 16-bits) to reality testing in the comfort of one's home; away from Industry biases, suggestions from audio gurus, and group expectations that may be set-up when one goes to a show room or trade shows. This is about what audio lovers around the world actually hear in the real world...

Please put in your own response and suggest it to audiophile friends who may want to give this a try before the closing date. Feel free to also put it up on audio(phile) forums you may frequent. Just remember - you better have a system that has >16-bit capability.

Golden ears and those with 5+ figure audio systems - I would really love to have your continued survey response! I would also love to get musicians, sound engineers, and reviewers of audio hardware involved.

As usual, test details including procedure and files can be found here:

Talk to you all later - likely after the test end date...


  1. Looking forward to you releasing the answers!

    1. Will post answers this weekend for folks to check how they rated and get to the results analysis by next week!

  2. A very beautiful picture, I immediately remembered about the resort when my wife and I were vacationing in the Maldives. It was a magical time, I always remember it with warmth.